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This blog is  a central point of communication for those participating in the Bold Faith Initiative in Branch County, MI and beyond.

There are 19 churches preparing for this Initiative in Branch County.  The goal of the pastors is for this Bold Faith Initiative to unify believers in Jesus Christ in a creative way and to encourage living with Bold Faith.  Each church will participate at the level that their leadership has decided to do so.

The full initiative will include:

  • A “Bold” Theme preached on the Sunday’s in February 2012
  • A daily devotional is available written by local pastors
  • Wristbands are available for several reasons
  • remind the participant to pray boldly and live by faith
  • point of contact for participants in the community for encouragement
  • to have a visual expression of unity among the Believers to the world
  • This blog will publish the daily devotions and provide communication for the participants for encouragement & testimony through the comments section
  • An evening of praise and testimony for everyone on the last night of the Bold Faith Initiative

We’re praying for God to move in a mighty way in our county and beyond as a result of this Bold Faith Initiative.

We Christians need to hold out the Word of Life like stars shining in the universe because of the generation we are living in.  It’s going to take…

  1. Bold Faith
  2. Bold Prayer
  3. Bold Obedience
  4. Bold Sacrifice

 To God be the glory… great things He will do!


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