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Hope Alive

1 Peter 1:3-5

Our Bold Faith theme this year – LIVING HOPE comes from this text in 1 Peter. Here Peter reminds us that our hope is personified in Jesus Christ, who resurrected from the dead and is alive forevermore. As long as we fix our hope on him, we will always have hope. And that’s great news for us because Jesus Christ is the “Living One” (Rev. 1:18), our permanent priest who “always lives to intercede for us” (Heb. 7:24 – 25). That means that there is never a time or situation on earth where we can’t find hope (future certainty, confident expectation) in God through the Savior Jesus Christ.

But, take a second look at the 1 Peter text. Our hope in God is not only relevant to our earthly lives and circumstances, it counts for all eternity as well. Peter reminds us that by God’s mercy, our faith has secured for us an eternal inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade. And notice, you are not even responsible for keeping this inheritance safe, God is! And because God never fails, we have great hope (expectation) for our future with him in heaven.

How do we experience this kind of hope? It starts with the new birth that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. From there, we must choose to daily exercise our faith as we discover who God is and what he promises for us.  Faith, like a shield, protects our minds from the doubts and fears that naturally arise with the uncertain circumstances of life in a fallen world. And because Christ is alive, our hope is too. We have a “living hope” not just for life on earth, but throughout eternity. So we too, join the Apostle Peter’s doxology – Praise be to God!

J. E.


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One thought on “Hope Alive

  1. Steve Smith on said:

    It was summer of 2013 . I had just dropped a friend off at work at Taco Bell. Like every morning before I had crossed US 12 to get an ice tea at the Citgo. I remember backing out of my parking spot from Taco Bell but that’s all I remember, The next thing I remember is “coming to” with a fireman in my car ….. i had hit a semi truck.
    I was airlifted to Bronson Hospital where I was checked out and eventually was released in a few hours. The ER physicians came to the conclusion that I may have had a “TI A”but there was no physical evidence of such. Two weeks prior I had been going through extensive cardiac testing the following Monday the results were reveled to me. My cardiologist told me I had a quarter (the coin analogy) hole on the inside of my heart along with a pin size hole. she had instructed me “No More Driving For You! I stated that I wish she would have told me that Friday and told her of the accident. Her reply then was “HAS ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY DIED A SUDDEN DEATH? My second to the oldest brother had done that in January of the same year, We had to get this hole fixed right away .
    The time came in August 21, The family and I was loading up to go to the U of M for the open heart procedure. I had received a call from my employer that my FMLA had expired and I was being separated from my employment, The next day was my surgery. WE WERE NOT SHAKEN<WE WERE NOT MOVED! Many people were praying, inmates at the Branch County Jail, my Church family, friends, and our Spirit filled , loving ,servant of a pastor was there for us from start to completion.
    Why were we not moved our shaken? The song immediately comes to mind " Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness"
    God had used me and my family for His glory! People continually asked us if I was afraid, or if my wife was in fear or the "what if" questions came about. We simply told them we have no fear. You see having a relationship with Jesus Christ takes out fear and enters in hope and peace that surpasses all understanding.! The meaning of Hebrews 7:24-25 had come to life for the Smith Family!

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