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The Spirit of Truth

John 15:26

This particular chapter is one of the most loved ones in the New Testament because you can feel the passion of Jesus as He speaks to the disciples (and to us) from the heart. Jesus knows that His time on the Earth was coming to a close and the mission is being passed on to those who would follow in His steps.

The whole chapter is about joining in the adventure of faith in Christ by going out into this fallen world and making a difference. While we know that we are not saved by works, the passion that God places within our hearts at salvation compels us to be active in how we live as a reflection of Him. Remember 2/3 of God is “GO”! Verse 8 tells us that the Father is glorified by our fruitful Christianity and that has to be the center of who we are as a believer, to love back on the one who loves us. We have such a short time in this life that prepares us for the eternity to come that we have to be intentional in how we live.

So, how do you accomplish such a thing when there are millions of ways to fulfill it? God made it so simple for us when He said in verse 26, That Jesus would send the Spirit of Truth from the Father to show us what our specific role is in this great adventure. God made each one of us on purpose – for a purpose and No one is exempt from it either! In order to accomplish this connection with this SPIRIT OF TRUTH you have to shift from trying to connect mentally with Him to connecting on a heart level, (your human spirit). The Spirit bears witness with our spirit (Rom 8:16) not our reasoning mind. This is crucial because not everything God reveals to us passes through the filter of our mental reasoning well, since it appears contrary to common sense.

When truth tells us to love the unlovable, to walk across the room and share our faith with a stranger, or to give the tithe and offerings so we will be blessed to be a blessing, our minds tend to resist this. Trust in Him for His Truth will always set you free because His ways are higher than our ways and He always has your back.


Transforming Truth:

Live by His truth and enjoy the adventure!





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