I Believe In Prayer

Praying for Branch County and Beyond


Hebrews 11:7
Noah was a man just like you and me. He dynamically put his persistent faith into action. Noah had a deep reverential fear of God, so that when God told Noah of impending destruction due to man’s violent and lawless actions, Noah took notice and obeyed. How do we interact with the warnings we find in God’s Word? Do we, in faith, obey the Word of God, without question or delay? Do we, like Noah, stand in Christ, evidencing such a stark contrast to the wicked world around us that it is clear who has been made righteous and those who continue to live for themselves? Selflessness follows the path of obedience and service.

Noah was a family man. Faith and reverential fear of God catapulted Noah to provide for the protection of his family. How are we taking action steps to preserve our families from the wickedness in this world? Just wrath must fall on sin (sinful mankind), how are we shielding our families with truth and action? Noah was willing to suffer the rejection, ridicule, and the resentment of worldlings to obey God and protect his family. Are we willing to be perceived as foolish, so we can stand on the truth of what God commands?

Remember, the world will try and drag you down; because it does not like to be seen for what it is: Unrighteous and unjust. Noah, by obedience, fear, and faith in God (with action), became a center-piece of God’s redemptive plan for the ages. It may not be popular to obey God, but by faith we must obey. Remember, your obedience will make the world’s disobedience be seen for what it is. By the way, if God asks you to do something, HE will give you the strength to carry it out.

“By faith, Noah…in holy fear built an ark…”



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