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Isaac’s Faith

Hebrews 11:20
Some acts of men just fit into the faith hall of fame. Isaac blessing his sons is not one of them. Noah, by faith, building an ark fits. Isaac, being duped into blessing someone he does not intend to bless, does not. Abraham’s willingness to offer Isaac fits while Isaac’s blessing given in deception does not.

In the story recorded in Genesis 27, there is deception on the part of Jacob and his mother, Rebekah. Jacob lies. He even invokes the name of God as to why he was so successful on the hunt. However, in the midst of this story there is also truth. The truth of whom God chose at their birth and the truth of the prophetic blessing of Isaac and how it played out in life.

So let’s look a little deeper into the story and see three ways Isaac acted in faith causing him to fit into the Hebrews 11 faith hall of fame.

Isaac believed God and acted upon his faith. He believed the promise first given to Abraham and then to Isaac was true. He also believed it was his right to pass that promise on to his son since it had not yet been fulfilled. In regard to their future, Isaac was convinced the promise would happen because God said it.
Isaac knew God always supplied for whatever God wanted. He was the one strapped to an altar until God stepped in and supplied the ram. He saw God provide the wife chosen for him. Since Isaac’s blessing was also prophetic, Isaac must have sought God for just the right words to bless his sons. When Isaac blessed Jacob, he spoke words given through the Spirit of God and believed them the correct words for this son, even if he thought he was blessing Esau.
Isaac was reminded that God is God and he needed to choose to obey His will. When the twins were born, God specifically told Rebekah that “the older will serve the younger” (Genesis 25). Rebekah must have told Isaac and for whatever reason, Isaac did not consider that fact until this moment he was deceived. Isaac, then, believed God had a hand in this and that the words he spoke were meant for Jacob. This fact is demonstrated in that Isaac never disciplined Jacob for deceiving him but blessed him a second time when he sent Jacob to Paddan Aram. He specifically blessed Jacob with the promise given to Abraham and his descendants knowing it was through Jacob this promise would be fulfilled.

Isaac believed God and blessed Jacob and Esau in regard to their future.



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