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What Will They Say About Me When I Die?

Hebrews 11:20
By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed both the sons of Joseph, and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff.”

A thought from C.H. SPURGEON inspired this devotional thought for Bold Faith 2016: “For I desire each one of you to rehearse the scene of your own departure, for soon a tale will be told of everyone commencing with, “When he was dying.”

Have you ever asked the Lord; “What will they say about me at my funeral?”

It’s great when a Christian lives a good life, knowing, sharing, and trusting in Christ. But when it’s our time to die…what will our family and friends be able to say about how we lived our life….was it Christ-honoring? Did it serve others? Or were we judgmental? People don’t need to hear what we are against as much as what we are for.

Will our faith in Jesus draw others to Christ, or push them away? Will how we leave this life match the way we tried to live it?

When Jacob was in the process of dying, he sought to leave this earth asking God to bless his sons. What will be our last thoughts and requests before passing on to glory? I’m more convinced now than ever before that we, as believers in Jesus Christ, ought to study His word and learn how to share God’s love with everyone. But we must also learn how to honor Christ when it’s our turn to die!

If Christians are going to honor the Lord in life, then I believe they must learn how to honor Him in death! Learn how to ask: what, who, or where will be my legacy? Scripture tell us we will have mansions in heaven…I believe that! However, what will be our building materials? Our building materials come from the love that we shared with others in this life! This is how we can affect the way we will be remembered…it’s not as much about our accomplishments as it is about our relationships!

Let’s pray for those that call Jesus, Savior: For His guidance throughout our journey… Following the Author and Finisher of our faith…all the way to our last breath. Let’s pray that we WILL finish our race for Jesus stronger than when we started.

When we are unafraid to live, we will be UNAFRAID to die. Let us finish our race toward the cross in such a manner that others will be able to see JESUS.

What will they say about me when I die…?


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