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Faith Through Any Season

Hebrews 11:32
“And what more shall I say?”

This is how the author of Hebrews begins verse 32 of chapter 11. A rhetorical question no doubt, because there is much more that could be said of the faith that drove those who have, in times past, believed God for great miracles, signs and wonders.

Specific reference is made of various individuals who, through great faith in God, did incredible things…supernatural things that have inspired the hopes of God’s people throughout history. These references here are made to highlight the fact that great feats of faith in God could never be told exhaustively. In part because God has done too many supernatural things through His people in the past to ever be told in their entirety. However, this does not exclude the additional fact that God is still doing great things through His people today, too many things to ever be told in entirety.

There is another verse that begins with an interesting phrase, verse 36 says, “Still others…” It goes on to indicate that while some people’s faith brought about great victories and supernatural “happenings,” other individuals had faith to see them through serious suffering. You see there are many today who would like to equate great faith with health, wealth and prosperity, and when these are lacking in someone’s life they see it as a result of little faith or even no faith at all. However, don’t miss what Hebrews 11 is saying: at times God accomplishes awesome miracles through His people by faith, while at other time He sustains His suffering people by faith. Attempting to distinguish one instance as requiring greater faith than the other would be completely futile and (might I suggest) even sinful! Sinful because it implies that a person’s faith in God is only genuine when things are good, and void when things become difficult. One could rightfully question whether such faith is really true faith at all!

So, whether tens of thousands are being defeated or suffering is being endured, both come through faith in God. It’s all supernatural faith in a great God who walks with us every step of the way whether on the summit or in the valley! We should be so incredibly glad that our outward circumstances are not a direct indicator of the Bold Faith that we have in our God!
Faith that leads to victory, and faith that endures through suffering—it’s all one and the same…BOLD FAITH!



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