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To Know Him Is To Love Him

 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”  1 John 4:8

To know. That is very intimate. When you know something, for sure, it is a part of you. If you’re a musician and you know how to play you’re instrument well, you have spent many hours getting to know how to do it. Piano, guitar, harmonica, spoons, or whistling all require time spent to do it well. Those who are professionals play every day in order to be able to keep that skill at its top level. Knowing takes participation. An athlete can have natural abilities but does not get to ‘know’ the sport unless they practice, participate, and play.  It’s in the relationship of time spent that one gets to really ‘know’ something or someone.

When growing up we can develop some good relationships with playmates or in college cultivate really great friendships. When years go by and we haven’t communicated, we don’t know them like we used to. Even with friendships where you pick up where you left off, not missing a beat, you still have a LOT of catching up to do.

When it comes to our relationship with God we can know ‘facts’ about Him but not truly know Him and the ‘relationship’ doesn’t change us. We get to know the Lord by spending time with Him and His Word…by spending time with Him and with His people…by experiencing His mercies actively on a daily basis. That’s when our lives, our frame of mind, & our values change. The biggest change is a heart that loves people like God loves people.

Just ask the apostle John. He and his brother James were called the Sons of Thunder. They wanted the Lord to strike down Tyre & Sidon with lightening because they had been slighted. But now after years of fellowship with The Lord, John is known as the apostle of love.

When you get to know The Lord God Almighty, your heart and your life change because His values become your values.  It’s like that old song sung by The Teddy Bears, “to know, know, know him — Is to love, love, love him — And I do, I really do, And I do.”

When you know God, you will love people.



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